PUBG Mobile game is a Chinese App?

Everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile app
Everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile app

Indian people are boycotting Chinese mobile applications due to tensions on the India-China border. Read on to know if PUBG MOBILE is a Chinese app. Although it is known that TikTok and some other applications are China-based, many are also wondering if game PUBG MOBILE is a Chinese app. PUBG MOBILE is reportedly one of the most popular and is also the most played battle game in India. So is PUBG MOBILE the Chinese app? Let’s check it out.

As India-China relations are going through a difficult phase, Sonam Wangchuk has called on Indians to boycott Chinese products. The engineer posted a video on social media that went viral, in which Wangchuk is asking Indians to remove and uninstall all Chinese apps such as TikTok, Like, and more.

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What is PUBG Mobile?

Player Unknown Battleground or PUBG is a battle royale game launched in 2017 for PC and gaming consoles. Soon after launch, PUBG became the most popular game in the world. The game allows 100 players to compete with each other and the last man gets a chicken dinner at PUBG. Brendan Greene, the brain behind PUBG, has also produced other popular games like ARMA 2 and Dayz: Battle Royale.

What is PUBG Mobile?
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Country of Origin?

The game was developed for PC by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, a Korean video game developer. The Korean developer partnered with China’s largest gaming company Tencent to enter the gaming market in China. Tencent also introduced a mobile version of PUBG Mobile. The game became an instant hit in China but did not receive Chinese government approval to demonetize it.

Is it banned in China?

Is PUBG Mobile banned in China?
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Yes, the game is banned in China because the government thought it was a violent sport and it could negatively affect youth. According to reports, the Chinese government also mentioned that people would not be able to focus on their careers due to sports. They are also afraid of becoming addicted to it, which was banned.

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This forced Tencent to abandon the game in China but introduced a cloned app version of the game known as Game for Peace. According to reports, this cloned version of PUBG MOBILE was introduced as a patriotic game to ensure that the Chinese government approves the app and it did so.

PUBG Mobile is a Chinese App?

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Yes, the mobile version of the game has been developed by the Chinese company Tencent which makes it a Chinese application. However, the game does not have a Chinese origin as the game was created by Bluehole which is a Korean gaming company. Tencent has a 10 percent stake in Bluehole and other gaming companies such as Riot Games, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, and others.

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